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Value of Combined Experts Consultations & Bonus Offerings…
Nearly $1,000!

Mistakes potentially prevented …

Rest assured, this is no ordinary event. While we’ve put a spin on an old concept — think speed networking with divorce professionals — we take this subject matter, and your life situation, very seriously.

Let’s be clear about what this is all about. Let’s start with what this is not …

What this event is NOT?

  • This is NOT a place to come and get divorced quickly!
  • This is NOT a high-pressured, commitment to get divorced!
  • This is NOT a public gathering where you’ll be “seen.”

What Speed Divorcing is really all about …

  • This is a safe, private, invitation only event for individuals who are thinking about or in the early stages of divorce.
  • This is an educational event to learn about how to save THOUSANDS of dollars in fees and mistakes prevented.
  • This is for those who are busy with “life” and want to get the answers they need in a “speedy”, efficient and money-saving manner.
  • This is for those who want to be pro-active and positioned to come out divorce in the best light possible.

That’s what this is really all about….Being Smart from the Start.

As professionals we know the devastation that divorce can wreak – emotional turmoil, financial stress, high costs to get divorced, lost time from work, just to name a few – and the potential problem areas lurking behind every corner.

When someone is contemplating a divorce they often are fearful about their future. They may not be comfortable turning to friends for referrals to experts who can help them make wise decisions, reduce their worries, and feel less alone. The Speed DivorcingTM event allows them to get expert advice in a confidential, economical and efficient forum that also builds a sense of community among those going through this life transition.

- – Kalpana Murthy, Psychotherapist, Genuine Connection®, LLC

We’ve come together because we want to help you AVOID those PROBLEMS by guiding you to be smart from the start. We’re accomplishing this by bringing together caring, trusted specialists in a setting that allows you to get the maximum amount of answers in the shortest amount of time.

It also helped me get the “Big Picture”.

When I began researching how to get a divorce, there was a lot of information to process. This event took me back and reminded me of some things I needed to take care of but had missed because there was always something else of more urgency. It also helped me get the “Big Picture”. Now, it’s more clear to me on how (which steps come first, next, last) to achieve the goals I want in my divorce. I’m really glad that I attended.

- - Karen C, Atlanta, GA

Press Play to hear Karen’s experience….

This is your place to get answers and make connections with respected professionals who will help you get the answers you need and the guidance you deserve…quickly and efficiently!

WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 2012
TIME: 9:30AM – 1:30PM
WHERE: 70 Lennox Pointe, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

One Meditation Office

Value of Combined Experts Consultations & Bonus Offerings…
Nearly $1,000!

Mistakes potentially prevented …

This special event is Limited to Only 12 Participants to ensure each person gets special personalized time and attention!

A light fare and refreshments will be offered.

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First, join us for a lively panel discussion between all the various professionals as they share the most common mistakes they see folks make in divorce and how you can avoid them!

Then we’ll move into special breakout sessions where you’ll receive 20 minutes of one-on-one sessions with TEN respected professionals who will offer you personalized assistance for all aspects of your divorce.

At the Speed Divorcing Event you will be guided through our special round-robin set-up to meet with expert individually to have your confidential consult.

Here’s our line-up of Specialists:

Damon Bivek
Bivek, Brubaker and Prescott, LLC

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Lisa C. Decker
Divorce Money Matters

Krystine Torella
Team Torella Realty

Eric C. John
ECJ Tax & Financial Services

Jennifer Keaton
One Mediation

Investment Advisor
Lynda Parker
Advanced Financial Strategies

Mortgage Specialist
Debbie Switts
Good Friend Mortgage

Kathleen Shack
Family Solutions Conseling

Insurance Specialist
Ashley Testa
AllState Insurance Company


There’s no need or excuse to live with worry, wonder or angst anymore.

You CAN steer the course of your divorce and find the answers you need… with speed!

I consider this Speed Divorcing Event
to be time and money well spent!

If you are facing divorce, you should seriously consider attending this event, even if you consider yourself to be fairly savvy. This is a time in your life where your emotions can get the best of you – even sabotage you. I picked up a useful tidbit from each panelist and some very important information pertinent to my situation from several. For me, time and energy seem to be at an all time premium. I consider this Speed Divorcing Event to be time and money well spent!

- – Sherry M., Kennesaw, GA

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People going through divorce often look back and say, “I should have done this or I should have done that.” “Speed Divorcing” helps control these regrets upfront by giving an effective overview of the questions that need to be asked and the professionals who have the right answers.

– - JoAnne Donner, Mediation Coach, Mediation Services of Georgia, Inc.

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